How to share data on MTN Nigeria

 How to share data on MTN Nigeria 2023

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Many people want to share data MB with their love one's but they're not aware of the simplest and easy way to transfer the data sometimes people buy recharge card and send for people to buy data or transfer the airtime

MTN Nigeria has introduced a many ways to transfer or share data MB any time you want to any one on same network means MTN we will talk about the two 2 easier way to share data 

How to share data on MTN Nigeria simple ways 

First using USSD code 

Just dial *131*7# on your phone as you will see in the picture below 

It will displayed an option on your screen select 1. Transfer from Data Balance 

Enter the Number you want to send data MB to example your friend number 09132326830 and click send

At this step you're to select the amount of Data MB you want send example 500MB 1gb or 2gb but maximum amount you can transfer a day is 2gb data 2000MB

Confirm the number you want to transfer data to avoid errors cux is not be reverse and click 1 and send to proceed

Select 1 and click on send when you received this message means that you have successfully share data to that number 

That's all for USSD code 

The another method you can transfer data is using MyMTN NG application 

How to transfer data MB using MyMTN app 

Method two 2 

Goto MyMTN app if you don't have goto playstore or app store and download the app or just follow the link below android users only. It will take to playstore direct then download the app install it and open  

Click More at the button in the app

Select Airtime/data

Select Data 

Not Airtime

Select new number if you haven't done any transaction before

Enter the Number you want to transfer data MB to and select the amount 

Confirm the phone number and the amount selected 

When you received this message your transaction is successful done. 

That's all for My MTN NG but i think that of USSD is recommendable because the limit is 2000mb and for this is 500mb at once

Thanks you all

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