How to detect fake bank alert and protect your self

 How to detect Fake bank alert 

Most of the people are complaining about the fake alert, especially the business owners and in this situation, we have entered the new cashless system, which is now better to use transfer and POS because of the lack of cash in hand, so here are some ways to know how to protect yourself from fake. alert


Pay attention to the person who has transferred to you without confirming the authenticity of the transfer, don't let the person go, when you see the Alert start looking at the name that wrote on the message First. Is it the name of the bank? If yes check your balance is your balance increase because some wrote something like FIR.ST bank or FIRS_T bank  If a customer transfer 20,000 naira  and you have 20,000, check the balance is supposed to be 40,000 naira. 

Some people will pay 1000 instead of 10000 and if you don't pay attention at that time you assumed the 1k as 10k and the balance is there, if a person wants to transfer,  you have to check how much is in your account and how much will be transferred, for example, there is 10k in your account, he will transfer 20k, then you should have the balance of your account be 30k, don't you dare to look at this balance. load 

The last thing is the checking balance via USSD for those with a small phone to confirm the money coming in. However, there will be a 10 naira fee for the checking balance. 


Using the Mobile Banking App:- at this time, the mobile app plays an important role in preventing fake alerts and making it easier for the customer to not waste time waiting for an alert, because if you are using the mobile app, money is being sent, you will go in and see if you received the money without any fee and waste time, unlike a small phone, waiting for an SMS for a very long 

The way to get a mobile app is that most banks have their own app and it is available in the playstore and the app store. Make sure you download tha bank Application and register or go directly to your bank to set it up because some scammers can also use to create the Fake application and  website to harm the community 


Getting a POS machine like Opay, Moniepoint because It's an easy way  and the cost is not more than 20k, so buy it if someone wants to buy something collect his card and debit the exact amount money. It's much better than transfer 

Protection guide 

Don't give customers your phone number that you used to receive alert 

Don't give customers your phone keep your phone secret 

And the last thing is prayer, because all the things we have listed above, surely someone can skip all of them and get you hurt, so be careful with prayer.

May God protect us 


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