The payment of 30,000. of covid19 rapid response register RRR has continue

 The payment of the 30k RRR subsidy, which is the covid-19 rapid response register, from Nassco have been continues

Covid19 rapid response register RRR

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As you know covid19 rapid response register RRR subsidy is support from federal government of Nigeria to those affected by covid19 locked down or covid19 crises 

some people are being sent five thousand five thousand and some days they are being sent thirty thousand in a lump sum and it will be six months to pay this amount, then five thousand times six times that is thirty thousand 30k

If the account number information is taken and your bank, that is if you have given your information correctly, then check your account balance, or check the message, if you don't see it, wait. 

Because today, they continued to pay those who have been approved means call for data collection 

If you just fill the form on your phone just wait for your application to be approved when your application is approved you will get call for data captured your data, and you will receive this support from the RRR, which is the covid-19 rapid response register. 

How to know if you get RRR support 

The way you will know if you have received this support is if you fill out the application and give your information on the phone, that is your bank account number that you are working with and so on and you have been called for data collection, then definitely you will get alert by the grace of God 

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