National population commission NPC has released training list of supervisors and enumerators

 The National population commission NPC has released the training list of enumerators and supervisors for upcoming 2023 census 

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Yadda zaka samu approved na aikin ƙidaya wato National population commission NPC

National population commission NPC released the list for each state means each and every state has their own with the full information about the training with include

Training location

Email of trainees 

Phone number


So if you knew that you applied for this job and you conduct a screening and get approved kindly find your state list and check

We upload about 20 state in our telegram channel join our Telegram channel and find out your state list if it's there

For those that doesn't their satus approved or pending kindly visit the NPC portal  click on check application status enter your application code or NIN number and check your application status

Thanks you all

If you have any questions drop it on a comment section below or join our Telegram channel for more 

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