How to know if someone tracking your phone information

 How to know if someone is tracking or following something you're doing with your phone. 

Some people these days used to know what someone use his phone with some boy friend want to know what they're girlfriend doing with their phone who are they chatting with and also parents sometimes want to know their child activity on his phone

These lead to produced some applications that will do that works perfectly but the application is not only there is many applications for that no specific one to use 

What you need to do just take the phone you want to spy and install the app on the phone an do some settings that's it 

Some want only your keyboard activities they want to know your chatting activities and also what you search in a browser, so they used some app that will be installed on your phone when ever they collect your phone they just run to that app and they will see everything you type on your keyboard. 

So today am gonna share with you how to know if someone have installed that kind of Application on your phone 

First you have to the your using on your phone am not say all the but the one require device admin permission 

Then go to your mobile phone setting find something like apps and security or security and location

Click on device admin apps now you can see all the app that control your device even stop you from using that phone or lock the phone or shutdown the phone completely

So from there you have have to check well if you see any unrecognised application then immediately deactivate the permission when you deactivate the app permission the app will no longer spy on your phone 

And also check all your applications if you notice any application that you don't trust then check the permission allow for that app and deactivate them all. 

That's all 


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