The Ministry of humanitarian Affairs, disaster management and social development launched new program GEEP 2.0

 The GEEP program that is Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program has been launched since 2016, the year two thousand and sixteen, which will give you the opportunity to receive credit without anyone standing, that is, guarantee and there is no interest in it. 


The system is divided into three parts to help small businesses 

Number one

1. Market moni:- it is the first loan that the GEEP system started to open, that is the one that started first, and in this system, you will be given a loan for a period of six months without any interest or grantor. 

And it is for small businessmen to develop their business and its cost starts from fifty thousand 50,000 

Number two 

2. Trader moni 

Almost everyone knows about Tradermoni who should be given a few days ago which starts from 10,000 ten thousand 

Which is given to small businesses with very little capital 

Number three 

3. Fermammonie

Fermermoni loan for small farmers that will give you the opportunity to receive money from 250,000 and above without interest 

Here is their link 

How to apply for GEEP 2.0 

The registration of GEEP 2.0 program is through enumerators they've enumerators in every local government area especially in market place, so simply visit their Local government Area office or meet the enumerators to do your registrations is like that of traider monie.


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