How to remove pictures background in just a seconds

 How to remove pictures background on your mobile phone in just a seconds or minute. 

Some people having difficulties with removing image background some doesn't know how to do it some knew but the methods they use take much time and is very difficult 

Some people take even more than 10 minutes just to remove the image background 

So today am gonna show you simple and easier way to remove image background in just a minute or seconds 

Easy way to remove pictures background in just a seconds 

Step 1 

Visit the link it will open a page like this

Step 2 

Click on upload image it will redirect you to your mobile phone storage then find the image you want to remove the background and select 

Step 3 

After selecting the image it will automatically erase the background without any stress

Step 4 

Finally just hit the download button to download your image without any problems 

That's all 

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